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About us Memoirs of Pere Gallés

Pere Gallés i Payàs, Chairman and Founder of Europastry, died on 18th April 2010, at the age of 78 years. He was an entreprising and charismatic person; an exemplary businessman of innovative and intuitive spirit, and a man fully committed to his work and his family.

He began working at the age of 16, helping in his father's bakery in the small town of Castellterçol. On numerous occasions, Pere Gallés would express his satisfaction at having created a huge business and he felt particularly proud of being able to work with such a great team of personnel as the one at Europastry. As he said on many occasions: "our strength lies in our teamwork, and together we will be unstoppable".

Pere Gallés left behind many written observations, where he reflected on bread, management, work ethics, autobiographical issues... They are pieces of great interest and sensitivity. Here we have selected some of them.