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Europastry helps fighting poverty and desertification in Africa
April 2011

Europastry has signed an agreement with Sol Solidari, an NGO that provides solar ovens and stoves to families in the Sahel, Ethiopia and Central Africa. Sol Solidari performs technical and logistical projects with local associations in Ethiopia, Mali, Burkina Faso and Cameroon.

In rural communities in these countries, people often depend on wood for cooking, which is collected mainly by women, walking many miles every day. In the Sahel area south of the Sahara, the excessive use of firewood is causing increasing desertification and soil erosion, which in turn accentuate poverty and impede human development.

Introducing new technologies, Sun Solidari helps reduce health problems, poverty and deforestation of these communities.

In Isalo (Uganda) all households cook with wood, usually with the three-stone system. This is an extremely inefficient method because of energy losses. In addition, generates a lot of smoke, often inside homes, causing severe vision problems and increasing the incidence of lung cancer and other respiratory diseases.

Moreover, women and girls must lose several hours a day looking for firewood. For this reason, girls often cannot go to school.

Thanks to Europastry, Sol Solidari has donated 20 solar ovens to help the creation of a microenterprise, in which a community of women will sell bread baked by them.

In Bandiagara, Mali, desertification is a serious problem that impedes human development. In this region of low rainfall and arid landscapes, 140.000m3 of wood are consumed anually for cooking. Women must travel great distances to collect firewood, because the areas near the villages are already highly desertified.

Europastry has funded 600 family stoves and 120 school stoves in Mali.

These simple stoves, manufactured by local blacksmiths, consume only a third of the firewood used in the three stones method, help to reduce the aridity of the region and improve the living conditions of the population.


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