Our New Vegan Brioche-Style Buns Will Stop You in Your Tracks!

Our New Vegan Brioche-Style Buns Will Stop You in Your Tracks!

We always look forward to this time of year at Wenner Bakery when we begin to launch our new products. Our eye-catching Vegan Brioche-Style Buns rolls are one of the premier items we’re introducing this year and it’s sure to be a hit with consumers.

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This month we’re launching a group of four new products in our Vegan Brioche-Style category with three of them geared towards the In-Store bakery and one of them ideal for Foodservice. With a growing interest in Vegan meals, we’re answering the need for something unique and different that still suits vegan dietary interests.

The Vegan Brioche-Style Bun is offered in two formats. The bulk packed, sliced bun (#89079) was created for restaurants and sandwich makers seeking something different in the Brioche category. These round buns are web-sliced for easy handling. The hand-twisted process used to create these buns gives each one that unique artisan look that will make this sandwich stand out on a plate. With a soft bite and great flavor these buns are just what you need to create a premium burger or sandwich. We’re offering a packaged 6-count bag for our retail customers too. These unsliced buns (#81617) will come packaged in a clear bag, ready for you to add your own store branding and PLU label to give them that store-baked look.

We’ve added two more packaged items for our In-Store Bakery partners too. The Vegan Brioche-Style Knot (#81817) comes packaged in an attractive paper-lined tray with eight hand-tied knot rolls nestled inside. This high-end package gives these rolls that boutique bakery look, with no extra labor from your bakery staff. The tray is shipped in a crystal-clear bag that is ready for your own branding and labeling. Rounding out this category is our oversized Vegan Brioche-Style Braid (#81017). This large braid can be sliced and toasted or used for sandwiches and it’s big enough to stand in as a table loaf too. This pull-apart braid has the same attractive packaging as our knot rolls. These two will look great displayed together in your bakery.

These are just the beginning! Keep checking our New Product section of our website to see more of the exciting new items we’re introducing in the coming weeks.

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