The Weather Is Getting Warmer, It’s Time To Break Out The Grill.

The Weather Is Getting Warmer, It’s Time To Break Out The Grill.

Back yard grilling is a favorite way to prepare meals at home and grilled burgers and chicken sandwiches are popular menu items across the U.S. The right bun can take your meal from OK to Outstanding!

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Wenner Bakery offers a variety of Hamburger and Hot Dog Buns so you can find the perfect solution for your needs. Our selection of frozen, unbaked dough includes traditional Golden Hots and Hams with a rich egg-based dough and Golden Potato Hots and Hams. You find them under our Frozen Dough Hamburger and Hot Dog Bun heading. Our upscale artisan Ciabatta Sandwich Buns and other unique buns are found under our Fully Baked Hamburger Buns heading with the smaller Slider Buns listed under the Artisan Ciabatta heading.

Versatile frozen unbaked dough lets you add some personalized touches during the baking process. Add sesame seeds or poppy seeds, or score the top with one, two or three scores to add some visual variety. The Golden Potato Hamburger Bun (#478) and Golden Potato Hot Dog Buns (#473) are popular year-round and even more so in the warm weather months. The Hot Dog Buns can be sliced New England Style, top-down, to use for Lobster Rolls too! If you’re looking for a rich egg-based dough try our Golden Hamburger Buns (#748) and Golden Hot Dog Buns (#751).

Ciabatta Buns continue to be popular and we have options in our Rustica® buns series to suit the needs of both restaurants and supermarket bakeries. Try our bulk, sliced option with our Rustica® Round Sliced Sandwich Buns (#52546) and Rustica® Round Sliced Wheat Sandwich Buns (#52503). These bulk pack options work well for high volume restaurants and commissaries. We’ve got unsliced options and sliced and bagged options too. Our mini Ciabatta Slider Buns come in bulk pack options for restaurants (#40227) and we offer unbranded 6-count bags in traditional ciabatta flavor (#60646) and wheat ciabatta (#60603). These small bags let you add your own branding and are perfect for sliders and small sandwiches.

As we start to think about warmer days ahead and easy meal preparation it’s time to freshen up the options offered to your customers. Check our options for burger and sandwich buns and come back often to look for new introductions too!

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