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  • Rustic Bread

  • Baguettes & Parisians

    Baguettes & Parisians

    Our ready to bake Baguettes and Parisians, offer freshly baked product throughout the day.

  • Italian Bread

    Italian Bread

    This classic product category, ready to bake, offers more convenience at store level, freshly baked during all day.

  • Dinner Rolls

    Dinner Rolls

    Our dinner rolls make the perfect addition to any meal. Just thaw and bake and of our variety of flavors such as sundried tomato, whole wheat, sourdough…

  • Sub Rolls

    Sub Rolls

    Called Sub Rolls, Hoagies or Grinders… these are the favorite rolls for making a real sandwich. Our ready to bake category lets you have fresh Subs for your sandwiches as needed.