Innovation Centers

Europastry carries out research and development in its four Innovation Centers, strategically located in Spain, The Netherlands and the United States, where our R&D teams, made up of master bakers, nutritionists, engineers and biologists, focus on the global consumer trends and in the local market’s needs, to offer our customers innovative products that provide a differential value.

Europastry USA Innovation Center (New York, United States)

At Europastry we believe that good ideas are born from constant trial and error at the bakery, before new ideas are taken to large scale production. At our Innovation Center in the United States we focus on the creation and improvement of the products for the North American market, as well as the development of the Clean Label line, which is our additive-free product range.
Our US R&D team is led by master bakers with over 65 years of experience, engineers and industrial technicians, and BScs in Culinary Art.

+65 years
of experience

Specialised in frozen
raw bakery dough

Specialists in
innovation of
Brioche line

Specialists in
Hand-tied Knots

R&D Center Chousa (Lugo, Spain)

Our Chousa R&D&I Center is the oldest bakery in Ingapan. This artisan bakery creates different recipes following traditional methods with the help of the latest machinery that allows us to improve work times and performance as well as to control the quality and regularity of our products. Our R&D department utilises the information from this center and its experience, since we strive to maintain the artisan concept in each of our breads. We work on developing new recipes and differential formulas that match the latest trends.

50 Artisan

+36 years
of experience

Cereal, Center for Research Europastry Advanced Lab. (Barcelona, Spain)

Located in Barcelona, Cereal is our pioneering research center, where our R&D team is constantly researching new ways to improve and innovate products and processes. In this space they develop, on the one hand, personalised and tailored products for our customers, harnessing all the expertise and know-how of our team and, on the other hand, the latest advances in bread and pastries, foreseeing the consumer trends.

Customized product developments for customers

Development of innovative references that set trends

Profiles that work in CEREAL:
· Chemical engineers
· Agronomists
· Biotechnologists
· Nutritionists
· Master bakers
· Master pastry chefs

R&D Grand Duet Center (The Netherlands)

Our Beuningen innovation center brings together a team of new product developers and master bakers who enable us to provide services to our European customers, especially with local products from Central European markets.
We are also specialised in innovating the formats, flavours and colours in our Dots line. Currently, we have over 170 references in this line and we manufacture over 2.5 million units per day.
Our R&D team works daily to adapt the consumer trends of our star product and other products typical of the Central European market.

+50 years
of experience

Experts in innovation
and development of
local products

Specialists in
innovation of
Dots line