Our brands

Our main ranges

Euroclassic is specialty of European baked goods. Brioche is our key category but for more than 15 years, Euroclassic have been keen on finding new quality and innovative products to offer to the US consumers.

Wenner Bakery is our traditional bread brand with strong US market position. Key items are in our ciabattas, pizza dough and good frozen and par baked bread portfolio. Innovation is in the natural spirit of this bread category.

Europastry is one of the main producers of Dots, constantly creating new flavors, formats and innovative presentations for a daring public with a sweet tooth who never shies from surprises.

Delicious handmade knots of pure flavor made in the USA. An authentic product, with history and a great future. Practical, versatile, appetizing at all times. And today, thanks to Europastry’s innovation, with all the guarantees of unique quality: Clean Label and GMO-free seal. The Knots range is made with carefully selected ingredients and has different references, from the most traditional offerings to the most innovative options, such as the exquisite coating of garlic and parsley.