Quality is our seal of excellence. This is why all our ingredients have been selected following the highest standards and demands to guarantee the best product possible.

CLEAN LABEL: We are committed to using 100% natural ingredients and work daily to eliminate additives, preservatives, and artificial flavourings and colourings.

GMO Free: Our products are free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Free from partially hydrogenated oils: We are pioneers in the removal of partially hydrogenated oils from all of our products.

ORGANIC Commitment: We are highly committed to organic farming, which doesn't use pesticides or chemicals that are not of natural origin. We have the Organic Farming Certificate for our organic products.

Local flour: We work with local farmers and producers. We see each spike, from the moment it is planted, following the natural pace of the seasons, and we control the traceability of each grain up to the grinding process.

Low salt products: We have joined the NAOS Strategy for Nutrition, Physical Activity and prevention of Child Obesity of the Spanish Ministry of Health. We have gained the NAOS Certification for our low-sodium breadsthat are a source of potassium.

Low sugar products: According to AECOSAN, our muffins and croissants have 30% less sugar than the industry's average. As part of this commitment, we have joined the Sweetfood Project, promoted by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to reduce the amount of refined sugars in food and drinks, by using new natural sweeteners.

Special diets: We have ranges of products for diets with special needs: gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan.

UTZ sustainable cocoa: The coating cocoa in our Dots follows a rigorous traceability process backed up by the UTZ certification. With this, we contribute to improve the lives of our farmers, the quality of cocoa and the environment.

Free-range eggs: We support the use of eggs with the Free Range seal, that is, from chickens who grow freely.

Quality ingredients: Our butters are created with the best milk with premium-quality cream, a natural source of vitamin A. Our butter and our vegetable margarines are manufactured without total or partially hydrogenated oils, or added trans fats, in order to care for the health of our consumers.

Sustainable palm oil: Our Dots range has all the requirements demanded by the RSPO certification, including the use of sustainable palm oil.