Europastry commits to the crispiest bread

Europastry commits to the crispiest bread


Cristallino is the name of our brand of 100% natural crystal bread, made with sourdough, olive oil and a high percentage of hydration.

Europastry, the frozen bakery dough specialist, is launching a number of major innovations in its Cristallino range, a family of crystal breads that fully respects the essence and history of these traditional products while adding an innovative twist to take them to a whole new level

Cristallino takes the excellence of crystal bread, characterised by its soft, spongy centre and its thin and very crispy crust, and adds differentiating elements to produce a superior range of breads. Cristallino is 100% natural, made with sourdough and olive oil and a very high percentage of hydration, producing an exclusive family of crystal bread. 

Additionally, in line with its aim of taking the range to a higher level, Europastry offers innovative options that focus on quality and the convenience of XXL formats for restaurants and sliced, packaged loaves for the retail sector.


The latest products to be added to the range are the L Cristallino Loaf and the XXL Cristallino Loaf, both of which are in an innovative and versatile long format, which, along with their fine and crispy crust and light and airy centre, makes these loaves the ideal choice for premium recipes.

These XXL loaves are ideal for the very latest varieties of sandwiches and toast, meeting the size requirements of each establishment. What’s more, the fact that they are baked in stone ovens not only imbues them with a special flavour, but also provides businesses with a practical option.


The Cristallino range is an ideal choice for the retail channel, thanks to new products like its baked, sliced and packaged loaves, which allow consumers to enjoy the crystal bread they have tried at restaurants in their very own homes.

This shows the extent to which this bread family meets the needs of the various types of customers, making Cristallino a versatile range of products that democratises the ability to access and consume such an exclusive and traditional bread.

As the company says, ‘our goal as a company is to innovate in a way that respects tradition, that is, with one eye looking back to the past and another looking ahead to the future we are reinventing the culture of baking. Cristallino is a clear example of this, as it is a bread that respects its origins and emphasises quality and natural ingredients while also incorporating the latest technological advances to diversify its consumption.’


As part of its commitment to quality and innovation, Europastry includes a QR code on some of its Cristallino packs to provide access to a chatbot with a direct gift for the end consumer: a gourmet kit of the range’s products. What’s more, the end consumer can use the QR code to fully discover the history of the brand. 

This QR code has been produced in conjunction with the startup Neareo, one of the finalists in the first edition of Baking the Future, the innovation challenge organised by Europastry.